Welcome to Joewendy Educational Foundation!
    put us in a good position to be involved in overseaJoewendy Educational Foundation is a renowned and a Subsidiary of Joewendy International Services limited. We have been in existence for more than Ten years in the business of both local and international education services, ranging from career counselling, selecting courses for students according to their potentials and getting them accepted into our partner schools from High schools, Colleges and universities at different academic levels abroad and school of their choices.
    We expose the minors as little as 8 years co-international education with our summer camp learning/exploration program.
    We also help in obtaining study permit for our clients and students as a registered agency.
    We are in partnership with over 40 reputable colleges and universities in Canada, US, UK and Ireland. Such alliances hass recruitment of students into these countries.
    Our main line of business is to assist prospective students with academic and career goals, counseling, admission guidance and applications for our partnered colleges and universities, visa documentation guidance and application, airport pick-up, accommodation placements, etc.  
    We provide one-to-one counseling and guidance to help students match their Career and Personal Goals. Our highly experienced and certified counselor(s) assist students with the college admission, Visa applications, provide guidelines for financial statements and help them prepare the file to meet the requirements of various High Commissions and Consulates to ensure visas are not refused.


    >>>>Our Counselors

    counselors Joewendy Educational Foundation Joewendy Educational Foundation Joewendy Foundational Education
    Mrs. ArinzeOluwafunke
    Visa Documentation & Application Manager

    Mr. Joseph Akele
    International Education Coordinator
    Mr. Paschal Ewurum
    Marketing Manager
    Our students
    Alice Peter
    Promotion Officer